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¡Hello! My name is Sabrina Leitis, I am Italian-Brazilian, and I am a meditation teacher proficient in 6 stylese yoga:


  • Sivananda Hatha Yoga - balance between dynamic and static postures

  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - combines movement with breath

  • Kripalu Yoga - yoga of the chakras

  • Yoga kids - playful yoga for children aged 3 to 10

  • D-gravity yoga - acrobatic yoga with hammocks

  • Sattva Chikitsa Yoga - alignment postures with props and mostly supported by the wall.

  • I am certified in 500h RYT Yoga Alliance India and have over a decade of experience and 21 retreats completed since 2019.

 I am truly passionate about my profession!! 


I am also an acupuncturist, licensed in advertising and propaganda, and a self-taught enthusiast of neuroscience and quantum physics/field.

With my work, I unite, among many others, the 3 P-passions / V-values that are most important to me and my lifestyle:

V: Freedom - P: TRAVELING: Since I was 21, I have visited over 30 countries, always seeking to immerse myself in the most authentic environment, to live the local culture and customs, and to feel part of the community and experiences.

V: Growth - P: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: I have spent many years in therapy (and continue occasionally), and I define/summarize my experience with four verbs - learn, apply, improve, evolve. Anything related to self-discovery and understanding others. We are all one, which is also the foundation of yogic philosophy. The word yoga itself, derived from the Sanskrit root "yug," means union.

V: Sharing - P: BEING A YOGA TEACHER: I discovered this path during an "existential" crisis when I moved to Uruguay and fell in love with the philosophy and practice. Years later, I went to India for three months, returned to the Western world determined to teach it, drawing parallels between the East and West. Afterward, I began therapy to shape the lifestyle of my dreams.

With a restless and inspiring soul, I consider myself a joyful, adventurous, and curious person who always wants to learn and improve, fight for her dreams, and step out of her comfort zone.

And thanks to my project, Sabriyoga Experience, I am fulfilling my dream:

 ~ to provide you with an incredible journey where you can live a local and authentic experience, practice yoga in paradise, and create unforgettable memories. ~

If you decide to join us, it would make me very happy to be your host and yogini, accompanying and guiding you throughout this experience.

Slow down.


It's time to prioritize yourself.

And if you have any inquiries, you can find us here:

WhatsApp: +34 931 28 26 88

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