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 9ª, 10ª y 11ª edición
9ª : 19 - 26/08 (salida desde España el 18/08)
10ª : 27/08 - 02/09 (salida desde España el 26/08)
11ª : 02 - 09/12 
(salida desde España el 01
12ª : 28/12 - 03 o 06/01/24 (salida desde España el 27/12)

Yoga and relaxation experiences in paradise

Travel to Maldives with us


Maldivas Yoga Experience
Isla Thoddoo

2023 / 2024


9th Edition: 19th - 26th August
(departure from Spain on 18th August)

10th Edition: 27th August - 2nd September
(departure from Spain on 26th August)

11th Edition: 2nd - 9th December
(departure from Spain on 1st December)

12th Edition: 28th December - 3rd or 6th January 2024
(departure from Spain on 27th December)

Isla Thoddoo     

Alojamiento en:

Thila Farm View



My name is Sabrina Leitis, I am Italo-Brazilian, and I am a meditation and yoga teacher specializing in six different styles:

Sivananda Hatha Yoga - a balance between dynamic and static postures

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - combining movement with breath

Kripalu Yoga - yoga focused on the chakras

Yoga Kids - playful yoga for children between 3 and 10 years old

D-Gravity Yoga - acrobatic yoga with hammocks

Sattva Chikitsa Yoga - alignment-based postures with props and primarily wall-supported.

I have over a decade of teaching experience and have conducted 21 retreats since 2019.

 ¡I am truly passionate about my profession! 

Sobre nosotros

With a restless and inspiring soul, I consider myself a joyful, adventurous, and curious person who always seeks to learn and grow, striving to pursue dreams and step out of the comfort zone.

And thanks to Maldives Yoga Experience, I am fulfilling my dream.


~ We provide you with an incredible journey, where you can immerse yourself in a local and authentic experience, practice yoga in paradise, and create unforgettable memories~

If you choose to join us, it would bring me great joy to be your host and yogini, accompanying and guiding you throughout this experience.

Vacaciones de ensueño

Dream vacations

Once in a lifetime…


  • Have you ever felt like you lack time for yourself, for what you need or desire?

  • Have you ever wanted to break free from autopilot, from the "repeat" mode - have you wanted to break free from the tiresome routine?

  • Have you wanted to disconnect from the digital world? Turn off all notifications?

Well, I invite you to experience a week of disconnection in paradise, combining the practice and philosophy of yoga, to recharge your energy in an idyllic setting surrounded by nature in all its splendor.

During this week, you will be able to…

  • Gift yourself a few days of self-care in every aspect, putting yourself first

  • Recharge your vital energy, whether by energizing or relaxing.

  • Learn yoga in its entirety.

  • Reconnect with your creativity.

  • Reconnect with the natural world - spend more time in nature, enjoy the little things.

  • Meet like-minded people with the same intention and learn and share with them.

Maldives Yoga Experience has the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.

Slow down.

¡You deserve it!


Everything is carefully planned so that you can take away unforgettable memories from this wonderful experience.

¿Are you in?

La experiencia

The experience

- C

- Daily yoga classes for all levels with variations of postures, so you can enjoy whether it's your first yoga class or if you have been practicing for years.

- Daily sessions of pranayama (breathing exercises) and different styles of meditation.

- Yoga practice in paradise: on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere with sunset views.

- Guided walks through our islands and visits to plantations with tropical fruit tasting.
- "Desert island" excursion: picnic and snorkeling with fish and corals.
- "Blue sea adventure" excursion: searching for dolphins, turtles, and rays.

- Bicycles always available.

- Extra excursions: Swimming with whale sharks, nurse sharks, dolphins, sunken ship excursion, among others.
- Immerse yourself in the local culture, try local food, witness traditional dances and customs... And much more!


"The moment that excited me the most, to the point of tears, was snorkeling... the water activities. Being in contact with turtles, dolphins, and sharks was the greatest thrill I have had in recent years"
Francesca Bruno

Qué Incluye

Our trip includes


Full board with local and international gastronomy* included.

*Options for dietary restrictions, intolerances, and allergies


Roundtrip transfers from the airport to the islands and other internal transfers.

*The transfer from the airport to the island will be arranged according to the regular schedules of the boats operating the distance. In case of arrival outside of these schedules, the transfer to the island cannot be guaranteed. Please consult us for the schedules to better organize your flight

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Exclusive stay and access to all hotel facilities


All activities from the program are included


Photos and videos in magical corners, in specially selected locations by our guides


Snorkeling equipment always available on all islands


Bicicletas siempre disponibles en la isla Thoodoo


Private guide and bilingual staff

Las islas

Our island in paradis
Thoddoo Island

Thoddoo is one of the most beautiful inhabited islands in the northern part of the Ari Atoll. Located 67 kilometers from Velana International Airport, it has an oval shape with a perimeter of 20 kilometers. It is known as a significant producer of vegetables and fruits such as papayas, coconuts, red and yellow watermelons...

With a population of approximately 1800 people, the residents of Thoddoo are friendly, peaceful individuals who will welcome you with warm looks and long smiles.

We will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in local traditions and learn about the daily life of the islanders, while enjoying the tropical nature with fruit trees and countless palm trees...

The coral reef surrounding the island offers us the possibility to encounter marine wonders without having to travel by boat. Just put on our snorkeling gear, dive in, and within minutes, we will see all kinds of fish and corals, and with a bit of luck, turtles and rays too!


El alojamiento

Thoddoo Island
Hotel Thila Farm View

Single and shared rooms

An authentic and cozy hotel surrounded by palm trees and tropical vegetation, just 5 minutes away from the beach.

All rooms are suite-style with private bathrooms and equipped for your comfort, including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TV with cable channels, kettle, shower, hairdryer, and wardrobe.

A welcoming hotel with everything we need, just a few minutes from the beach!

It offers spacious single and double suite rooms to rest after a day of yoga and beach activities, outdoor spaces where we will conduct our activities, and a large terrace to stargaze after dinner.

We will enjoy the flavors of local and international gastronomy, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thoddoo will surprise you!

*Menus with options available for dietary restrictions, intolerances, and allergies.